Pat is relentless about making education better at large scales. He started this quest with 17 years in physics and math classrooms building physics programs by removing roadblocks so that underserved populations could take challenging content. His next set of contributions were as a NASA consultant where he became known for solving outreach problems that were exceptionally challenging. Finally at K12 he was able to lead builds of products and programs that served students nationawide while adding to the company’s bottom line. When you work with Pat you are working with someone who has “been there; done that” as an educator, consultant, and corporate leader.

What People Say

His ability to define models and product through innovative practices stands out in the education industry! He has been key to the development and management of 30 career programs, over 180 courses and 13 statewide public online high schools.

John Small, VP @ K12, former Asst. Superintendent of Polk Co. Schools

Pat is steadfast and committed to developing programs that meet the client’s needs – he is proficient in analyzing problems and deriving at practical solutions – and he excels at presenting information and engaging and motivating his audience to understand the value of the work at hand.

Lea Pappas, valued former colleague and Program Manager

Pat is a talented ID and a great teammate to have on any project. You are guaranteed to get 110% out of him in addition to the many new conceptual ideas he always comes up with. He loves the work he does and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Alexandria Schutz, PMP, CSM, Sr. Project Mgr., PBS Distribution

Let’s build something together.

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